Past Perfect Continues

Past Perfect Continues

apa perbedaan antara past perfect dan past perfect continues ?

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1. apa perbedaan antara past perfect dan past perfect continues ?

Past Perfect rumusnya : S+Had+V3+O
Past Perfect Continuous rumusnya : S+Had+Been+V(ing)+Opast perfect : menceritakan suatu kejadian masa lalu dan sdh terjadi.
past perfect continues : menceritakan suatu kejadian lampau yang sedang berlangsung/terjadi.

2. 10 contoh kalimat direct dan inderect simple present tense dan simple past tense??? 10 contoh kalimat direct dan inderect present continues dan past continues, 10 kalimat present perfect dan past perfect, 10 kalimat modal atau future... Tolong dijawab ya yang benar nanti di follow dan di kasih poin yang banyak...

she,he maaf kalau kurang tepat

3. Contoh cerita b Inggris yg menggunakan simple past, past continues dan past perfect


1. simple past tense

During my last holiday, I made a lot of handcrafts. At that time, I was crazy about art and creativity. Many ideas had come to my mind three months before. All of the ideas were written on my note book so I could read them again. Also, I searched other ideas from internet. Yap, I googled it. I watched tutorial videos and read many art blogs.

My parents helped me to prepare the materials. They also gave me money to buy things I needed. On the first day, I painted on some rocks. People call it rock art. It was so fun. My siblings joined me on the third day. Then, my siblings and I made paper crafts from used newspapers and magazines. Papers were rolled, shaped and glued together to create decorative designs. Many beautiful crafts were created.

The last activity was sewing. My mother is a tailor so I learn how to sew from her. My mother helped me too. Sewing used clothes and towels was very fun. We produced many useful things. Finally, I really enjoyed my last holiday.

2. Past Continues

Hi Laura!

How are you doing now? Here, all family is well. Though I am really busy right now, I’m still writing for you. What a good friend, right? Ha ha!

We are all getting ready for my grandmother’s seventieth birthday. There is a big family party this evening in the garden, with about 40 people. Some of my aunts, uncles and their children are here because today we’re preparing for the party. My dad is putting up lights in the garden at the moment. My uncles are organizing tables and chairs. My mother is cooking in the kitchen and my aunts are helping her.

My cousins are here too. However, they aren’t helping much. They’re playing computer games right now. Are you wondering what I am doing now? Why am I not helping them? Actually, I am helping to prepare music. Now, I am downloading some old songs. Then I remember that you know much more about music than me. Do you have any suggestion about the best music for my grandmother’s birthday party?

If you’re online, please write an email soon. I am waiting for your reply.


3. Past Perfect

It was such an exhilarating day for little Timmy. His parents took him to the zoo. Timmy was very excited. He had never visited the zoo before.

The night before, Timmy had prepared everything he needed for the trip. He had packed his tiny backpack with a hat, a bottle of water, and some snacks. He had laid out the outfit he was going to wear the next day. He had been so eager that he thought he wouldn't be able to sleep. Thankfully, he had slept like a baby so he could get up real early the next morning.

Timmy loved the zoo. He saw a lot of amazing animals there. His favourites were the lions. At first he was afraid when his parents took him to see the lions because his friends in the kindergarten had told him that lions liked to eat little children. However, his father said that that lions wouldn't eat him unless they were very hungry or he did something to disturb them.


Sebelum membuat cerita yang menggunakan simple past tense, past continuous tense, dan past perfect tense, kita sebaiknya mengetahui struktur kalimat yang menggunakan simple past tense, past continuous tense, dan past perfect tense terlebih dahulu. Berikut penjelasannya.

Simple past tense

Tenses ini digunakan untuk mengekspresikan suatu kejadian atau kegiatan yang dilakukan pada masa lampau.

Struktur kalimat:

(+) S + V2 + O

(-) S + didn't / did not + V1 + O

(?) Did + S + V1 + O + ?

Contoh kalimat: I watched the World Cup on TV last night.

Past continuous tense

Tenses ini digunakan menyatakan suatu kejadian atau kegiatan yang sedang berlangsung di masa lampau.

Struktur kalimat:

(+) S + was / were + V-ing + O

(-) S + wasn't / weren't + V-ing + O

(?) Was / were + S + V-ing + O + ?

Contoh kalimat: I was cooking dinner when you called me yesterday

Past perfect tense

Tenses ini digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu kejadian yang telah terjadi sebelum kejadian lain pada masa lampau.

Struktur kalimat:

(+) S + had + V3 + O

(-) S + had + not + V3 + O

(?) Had + S + V3 + O +?

Contoh kalimat: She had had breakfast before she went to school.

Berikut contoh cerita yang menggunakan simple past tense, past continuous tense, dan past perfect tense.

Last week was my birthday. My family members seemed like they forgot my birthday. They didn't say happy birthday or gave a birthday present for me. They just did their daily routine as usual like there was nothing special. At school, my friends also didn't remember my birthday. It made me so sad. I went home early after the class had finished. I went to my bedroom when i had arrived at home. I cried because i thought nobody remembered my birthday. Suddenly, my bedroom's door opened when i was crying. I saw my family and my friends brought a birthday cake for me. I wiped my tears when they were singing happy birthday. Apparently, they had secretly planned to trick me because they knew that my birthday was coming soon. it was an unforgettable birthday surprise for me.

Mudah-mudahan jawaban diatas dapat membantu menjawab pertanyaanmu.


Jangan lupa like dan beri lima bintang ya :)

4. buatlah kalimat (+).(-).(?) past simple,past continues,past perfect,past perfect continuos,future simple,future continues​

Grammar Tenses

Simple Past

Formula: Subject + Verb 2 + Object

(+) I swam in the pool yesterday.

(-) I didn't swim in the pool yesterday.

(?) Did you swim in the pool yesterday?

Past continuous

Formula: Subject + was/were + Verb -ing + Object

(+) Dina was eating a burger.

(-) Dina wasn't eating a burger.

(?) Was Dina eating a burger?

Past Perfect

Formula: Subject + had + Verb 3 + Object

(+) Rafael had gone to the hospital.

(-) Rafael hadn't gone to the hospital.

(?) Had Rafael gone to the hospital?

Past Perfect Continuous

Formula: Subject + had + been + Verb -ing

(+) I had been drinking a cola.

(-) I hadn't been drinking a cola.

(?) Had you been drinking a cola?

Future Simple

Formula: Subject + will + Verb 1/infinitive

(+) I will do my homework.

(-) I won't do my homework.

(?) Will you do your homework?

Future Continuous

Formula: Subject + will + be + Verb -ing

(+) He will be waiting for her.

(-) He won't be waiting for her.

(?) Will he be waiting for her?

5. Contoh teks monolog yang di dalamnya berisi present perfect, present perfect continues, past tense, future perfect tense

every day she have been played, and she have been studing, I'm so busy with my professi as a manager, after work I waited bus in the halt

6. Tolong buatkan cerita singkat yang memuat simple past continues dan past perfect tense.

I had come home from work while my husband was still driving home. I had also finished all the household chores, so at that time i was watching the television. Suddenly i realized that the door was opened. Somebody had opened the door. I checked and felt relieved that my husband had arrived home.

7. jelaskan secara singkat tentang . . . • simple past tense • simple continues tense • past perfect tense terima kasiih

simple past tense: adalah sebuah tense yg digunakan pd suatu kegiatan di masa lampau dan sdh selesai.
+ subject + verb 2
- subject + did not + verb 1
? did + subject + verb 1?

simple continuous tense: adl sebuah tense yg digunakan pd suatu kegiatan yg sedang berlangsung dan blm selesai.
+ subject + to be (am, is, are) + verb-ing
- subject + to be + not + verb-ing
- to be + subject + verb-ing?

past perfect tense adl sebuah tense yg digunakan pd suatu kegiatan di masa lampau yg sdh selesai, ttp msh ada hubungannya dg masa sekarang.
+ subject + had + verb3
- subject + had not + verb3
? had + subject + verb3?

8. Apa yg dimaksud dengan past future perfect,simple past future,past continues perfect

past future adalah tensis yang digunakan untuk masa yang akan datang untuk membicarakan masa lalu

past continues adalah tensis yang digunakan untuk membicarakan masa lalu yang telah lewat

9. the point of the sentence from the text above meanly is... °past simple tense °past continues tense °past perfect tense °past future tense °present perfect tense


Opsi 1

past simple tense


Simple past tense adalah kalimat tenses yang digunakan untuk menyatakan kejadian yang terjadi di masa lampau dan telah berakhir di masa lampau. 

Rumus Simple Past Tense

Untuk membentuk kalimat simple past tense, rumusnya adalah sebagai berikut

S + Verb 2 + O

Dalam kalimat simple past tense, kata kerja yang digunakan merupakan bentuk kata kerja kedua. Terdapat dua jenis kata kerja, yakni regular verb dan irregular verb. 

Semoga membantu


Past simple tense


Narrative text usually use simple past tense.

Semoga membantu~

10. kalimat : She brings many books in her bagjadikan:simpel past: verbalperfect tanse:perfect Continues tanse:

kalimat verbal :
past tense :
formula : S + verb 2
She brought many books in her bag.

past perfect tense:
formula : S + had + verb 3
She had brought many books in her bag.

past perfect continuous tense :
formula : S + had + been + Verb 1 (ing)
She had been bringing many books in her bag.

11. tolong, buat paragraf yg mencakup masa dulu atau masa depan atau kegiatan seharihari yang didalamnya terdapat 12 tense , yg terdiri dari :1. Present (Simple) 2. Present Continues 3. Present Perfect 4. Present Perfect Continues 5. Past (Simple) 6. Past Continues 7. Past Perfect 8. Past Perfect Continues 9. Future (Simple) 10. Future Continues 11. Future Perfect 12. Future Perfect Continues dan tolong diberi tanda nomer disetiap kalimat yg merupakan sebuah kalimat tenses, sesuai nomer di atas, jika kalimat itu adalah present(simple), hanya tulis dibelakang kalimat (1) , tolong sempatkan sedikit bagi yg menguasai grammar

Jane is (present simple) a hairdresser.
At the moment she is styling (present continuous) for a famous rock star.The first time she did this she was so nervous that she dropped (past simple) her scissors.
She was cutting (past continuous) hair for a well known singer..  Jane had thought (past perfect simple) that she was not good enough to do this.
She had been browsing (past perfect continuous) magazines for ideas.
Everyone says she will become (future simple) a top stylist.
She will be teaching (future continuous) her own students one day.
She has written (present perfect simple) several articles on hair styling.
She has been improving (present perfect continuous) her cutting skills continuously.
By next week she will have mastered (future perfect simple) several new techniques.
Soon she will have been working (future perfect continuous) as a hairdresser for five years.

aku sempat catat itu di buku. sumbernya dari semoga membantu ya:)

12. Kak tolong dong ubahin kalimat : Ibuku membuat sup, ke dalam 8 jenis tenses(Simple present tense, present continues, present future, present perfect, past tense, past continues, past future, sama past perfect) yg (+), (-), sama (?) yaa

Simple present: My mother makes soup
Present continues: My mother is making soup
Present future: My mother will make soup
Present perfect: my mother has made a soup
Past tense: my mother made a soup
Past continues: my mother was making soupforgive me if there is some word wrong or anything. i hope this is correct, thank you.

simple present:
(+) my mother makes a soup
(-) my mother doesn't makes a soup
(?) does my mother makes a soup?
present continues: 
(+) my mother is making a soup
(-) my mother isn't making a soup
(?) is my mother making a soup?
present future:
(+) my mother will makes a soup
(-) my mother will not makes a soup
(?) will my mother makes a soup?
present perfect:
(+) my mother has made a soup
(-) my mother hasn't made a soup
(?) has my mother made a soup?
past tense:
(+) my mother made a soup
(-) my mother didn't makes a soup
(?) did my mother makes a soup?
past continues:
(+) my mother was making a soup
(-) my mother wasn't making a soup
(?) was my mother making a soup?
past future:
(+) my mother would makes a soup
(-) my mother wouldn't makes a soup
(?) would my mother makes a soup?
past perfect:
(+) my mother had made a soup
(-) my mother hadn't made a soup
(?) had my mother made a soup?

13. Buatlah contoh kalimat past future perfect continues tense!Rumusny juga ya kak :))


(+) Subjek + would + have been + V-iing

(-) Subjek + would + not + have been + V- ing

(?) Would + subjek + have been + V-ing

(+) I would have been working in leading companies for 5 years
(-) I would not have been working in leading companies for 5 years
(?) Would you have been working in leading companies for 5 years ?

14. contoh kalimat Past tense , Past Continues, Past perfect yg ada kalimat "wash"

Past tense:
I washed my clothes yesterday.

Pas continous:
I was washing my clothes.

Past perfect:


15. penjelasan mengenai past perfect continues tense? masih kurang paham


Past Continuous Tense

intinya itu membicarakan masa lalu eaaa...

pokoknya ada kata was/were

was di gunakan untuk are, you, we, they

sedangkan were di gunakan untuk he, she, it


1.I was praying when you came to my house yesterday. (Aku sedang beribadah ketika kamu datang ke rumahku kemarin).

2.My mother was cooking fried rice while I was repairing my laptop. (Ibu saya sedang memasak nasi goreng ketika saya sedang memperbaiki laptop saya).

#Dont be lazy


Past perfect continous tense adalah suatu bentuk kata kerja yang digunakan untuk mengungkapkan suatu aksi (dengan durasi waktu tertentu) telah selesai pada suatu titik waktu tertentu di masa lalu.


Form of past perfect continous tense :

untuk positif

S + had + been + -ing/present participle

contoh : The labors had been demonstrating

untuk negatif

S + had + not + been + -ing/present participle

contoh : The labors hadn’t been demostrating

untuk introgatif

had + S + been + -ing/present participle + ?

contoh : Had the labors been demonstrating

16. i teach english now jika di ubah menjadi past puture tense dan ptresent perfect countinues , past perfect countiues, simple puture continues

I (teach) English now

Past Future Tense
I would have teached English now

Present Perfect Tense
I have teached English now

Past Perfect Continuous
I had been teaching English now

Simple Future Continuous
I will be teaching English now

Note :
Future tense selalu ada WILL
jika past maka menjadi WOULD

Perfect tense selalu ada HAVE/HAS
Jika past maka menjadi HAD

Continuous bentuknya selalu Verb (-ing)
Bentuk WILL selalu diikuti V1, jadi harus ditambahi BE sesudah WILL, jadi akan menjadi WILL BE + Ving

Bentuk HAD selalu diikuti V3, jadi harus ditambahi BEEN, maka akan menjadi HAD BEEN + Ving

Rumusnya :

Past Future Tense

Present Perfect Tense
S + HAVE/HAS + V3 + O

Past Perfect Cont
S + HAD BEEN + Ving + O

Simple Future Cont
S + WILL BE + Ving + O

NB : Semoga benar semua ya. Diperiksa lagi ya ^^ Good luck
Maaf kalau salah :)

17. contoh kalimat gabungan past tense,past continues tense,past perfect tens

I had done my job so yesterday , while i was watching tv , my brother visited me

18. pengertian tentang past tense,past continues dan past perfect?berikan contohnya

Past Tense
Contoh :
I drank a lot of water yesterday morning. She cleaned the floor last night. In this house, I spent the night with her last month. My family went to Bogor on the last new year.

Pola kalimat : Subject + Past form (verb 2)

Past Continuous Tense
Contoh :
I was sleeping last morning. They were running when I called. She was cleaning the floor while I was wiping the windows.

Pola kalimat : Subject + WAS/WERE + Continuous form (v-ing)

Past Perfect Tense
Contoh :
I have finished my housework before you came home. She has studied for two hours before left home. If I have been taught this material even for a little, I would have had a higher score. (Conditional type 3)

Pola kalimat : Subject + Had + Past participle (verb 3)

Pola kalimat : Subject + Had + Been + Present participle (verb-ing)

Simple past tense adalah suatu bentuk kata kerja sederhana untuk menunjukkan bahwa suatu kejadian terjadi di masa lampau.

19. Tuliskan rumus: 1.simple present tense 2.present continues tense 3.simple past tense 4.past continues tenae 5.present perfect tense Tolong dijawab yang benar,makasih


#Present continuous tense

(+)S + to be(am,is,are) + verb(ing).

(-)S + to be (am,is,are)+ not + verb(ing)

(?)To be (am,is,are) + S + verb(ing)?

#Simple present tense

(+)S + verb(1).

(-)S + (do,does) + not + verb(1).

(?)Tobe(do,does) + S+ verb(1)?

# Simple Past tense

(+) S + to be (was,were) + verb(2).

(-) S + tobe(was,were) +not + verb(2).

(?) Tobe(was,were) + S + verb(2)?


*Maaf cuma tau segitu

*Maaf klo salah

*Semoga bermanfaat

20. contoh kata kerja present tense,present continues tense, past tenses, present perfect tenses, past perfect tense, future continues tense masing masing 10 kata kerja ?

present tense : study,work,eat,drink,see,sit,feel,write,go,read present continuous tense : studying,working,eating,drinking,seeing,sitting,feeling,writing,going,reading past tense : studied,worked,ate,drank,saw,sat,felt,wrote,went,read present perfect tense : have/has studied,sma Ajee kek tdi future continuous : will studying,sma aje kek TDI simple present = drink, eat, close, go, read, write, take, run, fly, come
past = drank, ate, closed, went, read, wrote, took, ran, flew, came
past. cont = drinking, eating, closing, going, reading, writing, taking, running, flying, coming

tlg jadiin yg tebaik ya^^
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